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Move to WordPress



Sometime in the next few days is moving away from our current hosting company,

Talkspot has been great, but the owner is retiring and is actively assisting with the move from Talkspot to a different service, which uses a technology called WordPress .

WordPress works differently, but is similar enough that you should be able to use the new site immediately.

Our hope is that no momentum will be lost during the switch.

All message board postings will be moved over, as will the entire user database.

We are not expecting any downtime and no one should be impacted with one major exception.

Anyone who wants to continue receiving the emails will need to go to the NEW WordPress website and subscribe to forums or topics they are interested in.

WordPress probably offers the option for daily digests of emails and weekly digests of emails but we are new to WordPress and not sure how to do so. For now, individual emails will be sent.

If you have forgotten your password, look for a link on the homepage that says, reset password . All passwords are the same as they were on Talkspot.

If you notice anything broken on the new WordPress site, let us know.

Gentle, friendly reminder: Laughing while we learn is always entertaining.

- - - changing channels - - -

Find an Online AA Meeting (aka When & Where).

Twelve Tips on Keeping Your Holiday Season Sober and Joyous, PDF.

If, in our future we may be of service or help to you or anyone you know, please contact us.

Sharing a Meeting Guide - A free mobile app for iOS and Android. Designed to be simple, fast, and help you find AA meetings wherever you are.

Hope this helps someone. Please pass it along. Thank you.

In His Service,

Joe W. volunteer. Phone: +1 (904) 557-0110, Amelia island near JawJa. Take Hope All Who Leave Here.

Our AA Group is listed with AA GSO # 716537, NY, NY and in the EASTERN UNITED STATES A.A. DIRECTORY, About Us.

Hope you have a happy safe sober holiday season.